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Football Links:

I know, why would you want to visit other football sites after visiting
Well, we are aware that although we cover the most important football information around the globe, we don't provide all the headlines, so you may want to visit this sites:

Fifa: The official football federation website. Not an excelent site but it has the official information, some news and data related with the next Football World Cup

Yahoo Sports World Football: udated football information with all the international headlines.
ESPN Football: similar to the Yahoo! site but from ESPN. is the Spanish version of this site. All the international football information available in this site but in for visitors who speak Spanish. ( es la versión en español de este sitio. Toda la información internacional de fútbol pero en español) is another English version of this site but oriented to US visitors. In the United States, the sport that for the rest of the world is known as football, is called soccer. So this site is the appropiate version for people living in the USA. It also has special sections with information about the US Major League Soccer and the Mexican League.

Other sports sites:

Authentic this is other sport site made by us. Similar to the site you are in, with information about the professional tennis tournaments, players, ranking, history, pictures and other information about international tennis.

Authentic this is yet another sport site made by us. In this case the subject is professional basketball. NBA, Europe, World Cup, Olympics, greatest players, etc. The site is still in progress but if you liked Info Football Online you have an idea of how it will be.

Lakers Web and both sites made by friends of us, they are related with one of the top teams of all the sports around the world: Los Angeles Lakers. They combine the present and the history of this basketball team, including big sports stars like Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and more. Lots of pictures, data, news, etc.

Michael Jordan's World: still talking about basketball, here you have a site dedicated to the NBA brightest star and one of the sports bigger icons. We're sure you're going to like this site because it is full of numbers, stats, records and an excellent comparison of MJ and other NBA stars.

Buying a sited dedicated to sports shirts. Basketball and football shirts and where to buy them.

NBA Universe: has a lot of information about the NBA, including players, teams, the shoes the superstars are wearing and more.

The Online Reviews: they have sections recommending sports sites. Basketball, Football, Tennis and more.

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