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Brazilian Tournament First Division
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Brazilian Football:
Brazilian Tournament First Division
Champions by Year


Brazilian Football: Brazilian Tournament, Champions by Year

Tournament Champion Runner-up
2023 Palmeiras Gremio
2022 Palmeiras Internacional
2021 Atlético Mineiro Flamengo
2020 Flamengo Internacional
2019 Flamengo Santos
2018 Palmeiras Flamengo
2017 Corinthians Palmeiras
2016 Palmeiras Santos
2015 Corinthians Atlético Mineiro
2014 Cruzeiro Sao Paulo
2013 Cruzeiro Gremio
2012 Fluminense Atlético Mineiro
2011 Corinthians Vasco da Gama
2010 Fluminense Cruzeiro
2009 Flamengo Internacional
2008 Sao Paulo Gremio
2007 Sao Paulo Santos
2006 Sao Paulo Internacional
2005 Corinthians Internacional
2004 Santos Atlético Paranaense
2003 Cruzeiro Santos
2002 Santos Corinthians
2001 Atlético Paranaense São Caetano
2000 Vasco da Gama São Caetano
(*) The CBF was unable to organise an official tournament so the Clube dos Treze decided to organise their own (Copa Joao Havelange), which also awarded the first two berths in the 2001 Copa Libertadores and is considered the oficial first division tournament for that year.
1999 Corinthians Atlético Mineiro
1998 Corinthians Cruzeiro
1997 Vasco da Gama Palmeiras
1996 Gremio Portuguesa
1995 Botafogo Santos
1994 Palmeiras Corinthians
1993 Palmeiras Esporte Clube Vitória
1992 Flamengo Botafogo
1991 Sao Paulo Bragantino
1990 Corinthians Sao Paulo
1989 Vasco da Gama Sao Paulo
1988 Esporte Clube Bahia Internacional
1987 - Official CBF Sport Club Recife Guarani
1987 - Uniao Cup Flamengo Internacional
(*) The legitimate ownership of the 1987 Brazilian football title remains the object of much controversy to this day. Flamengo and Internacional refused to participate in a playoff between the first two clubs in the Copa Uniao or Green Module (Flamengo and Internacional) and the co-champions of the Yellow Module (Sport Recife and Guarani). The first of these was a tournament organized by the Clube dos Treze (the 13 "big" clubs), who had invited 3 other clubs, while the second was organized by the CBF between 16 of the clubs left out. It functioned effectively as a second level league from which clubs were promoted to the first national division in 1988 (which included all clubs from the Green Module). After the afore-mentioned refusal by Flamengo and Internacional, CBF declared Sport Recife and Guarani to be the champion and runner-up, respectively, and inscribed them for the Copa Libertadores. But the National Sports Council (then the competent judicial body to settle the issue), ruled in favour of Flamengo and most of the media at that time did not give much credit to Sport's claim to the title and have ever since considered Flamengo the Brazilian champion of that year.
1986 Sao Paulo Guarani
1985 Coritiba Bangu
1984 Fluminense Vasco da Gama
1983 Flamengo Santos
1982 Flamengo Gremio
1981 Gremio Sao Paulo
1980 Flamengo Atlético Mineiro
1979 Internacional Vasco da Gama
1978 Guarani Palmeiras
1977 Sao Paulo Atlético Mineiro
1976 Internacional Corinthians
1975 Internacional Cruzeiro
1974 Vasco da Gama Cruzeiro
1973 Palmeiras Sao Paulo
1972 Palmeiras Botafogo
1971 Atlético Mineiro Sao Paulo
1970 - Taça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa Fluminense Palmeiras
1969 - Taça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa Palmeiras Cruzeiro
1968 - Taça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa Santos Internacional
1968 - Taça Brasil Botafogo Fortaleza
1967 - Taça Brasil Palmeiras Náutico
1967 - Taça Roberto Gomes Pedrosa Palmeiras Internacional
1966 - Taça Brasil Cruzeiro Santos
1965 - Taça Brasil Santos Vasco da Gama
1964 - Taça Brasil Santos Flamengo
1963 - Taça Brasil Santos Esporte Clube Bahia
1962 - Taça Brasil Santos Botafogo
1961 - Taça Brasil Santos Esporte Clube Bahia
1960 - Taça Brasil Palmeiras Fortaleza
1959 - Taça Brasil Esporte Clube Bahia Santos
1937 Atlético Mineiro Fluminense

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