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Football: UEFA Champions League
Titles by Team
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Football: UEFA Champions League

Last Champion
UEFA Champions League Real Madrid CF Logo
Spain Flag
2022: Real Madrid CF
UEFA Champions League Logo UEFA Champions League, Titles by Team
Information about the international football tournament UEFA Champions League including titles by team, logos, links, results and other data.
Originally known as the European Champion Clubs' Cup, or simply abbreviated to European Cup, the competition began in 1955/56 using a two-leg knockout format where the teams would play two matches, one at home and one away, and the team with the highest overall score qualifying for the next round of the competition. Entry was restricted to the teams that won their national league championships, plus the current European Cup holder. Today the UEFA Champions league is open to the league champions of all UEFA member associations (except Liechtenstein, Andorra and San Marino), as well as to the clubs finishing from second to fourth position in the strongest leagues.

UEFA Champions League, Titles by Team

Champion   Titles Years
Real Madrid CF Logo
Real Madrid CF

14 - TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophy
1956 against Stade Reims
1957 against Fiorentina
1958 against Milan
1959 against Stade Reims
1960 against Eintracht Frankfurt
1966 against Partizan Belgrad
1998 against Juventus
2000 against Valencia
2002 against Bayer Leverkusen
2014 against Atlético Madrid
2016 against Atlético Madrid
2017 against Juventus
2018 against Liverpool
2022 against Liverpool
Milan Logo

7 - TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophy
1963 against Benfica
1969 against Ajax
1989 against Steaua Bucaresti
1990 against Benfica
1994 against FC Barcelona
2003 against Juventus
2007 against Liverpool
Bayern Munich Logo
Bayern Munich

6 - TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophy
1974 against Atlético Madrid
1975 against Leeds United
1976 against AS Saint-Etienne
2001 against Valencia
2013 against Borussia Dortmund
2020 against PSG
Liverpool Logo

6 - TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophy
1977 against Borussia Mönchengladbach
1978 against Club Brugge K.V.
1981 against Real Madrid CF
1984 against Roma
2005 against Milan
2019 against Tottenham Hotspur
FC Barcelona Logo
FC Barcelona

5 - TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophy 1992 against Sampdoria
2006 against Arsenal
2009 against Manchester United
2011 against Manchester United
2015 against Juventus
Ajax Logo

4 - TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophy 1971 against Panathinaikos
1972 against Inter
1973 against Juventus
1995 against Milan
Inter Logo

3 - TrophyTrophyTrophy 1964 against Real Madrid CF
1965 against Benfica
2010 against Bayern Munich
Manchester United Logo
Manchester United

3 - TrophyTrophyTrophy 1968 against Benfica
1999 against Bayern Munich
2008 against Chelsea
Benfica Logo

2 - TrophyTrophy 1961 against CF Barcelona
1962 against Real Madrid CF
Chelsea Logo

2 - TrophyTrophy 2012 against Bayern Munich
2021 against Manchester City
Juventus Logo

2 - TrophyTrophy 1985 against Liverpool
1996 against Ajax
Nottingham Forest Logo
Nottingham Forest
2 - TrophyTrophy 1979 against Malmö FF
1980 against Hamburger SV
Porto Logo

2 - TrophyTrophy 1987 against Bayern Munich
2004 against AS Monaco FC
Aston Villa Logo
Aston Villa
1 - Trophy 1982 against Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund Logo
Borussia Dortmund

1 - Trophy 1997 against Juventus
Celtic Logo

1 - Trophy 1967 against Inter
Feyenoord Logo

1 - Trophy 1970 against Celtic
Hamburger SV Logo
Hamburger SV
1 - Trophy 1983 against Juventus
Olympique de Marseille Logo
Olympique de Marseille

1 - Trophy 1993 against Milan
PSV Logo

1 - Trophy 1988 against Benfica
Red Star Belgrade Logo
Red Star Belgrade
1 - Trophy 1991 against Olympique de Marseille
Steaua Bucaresti Logo
Steaua Bucaresti
1 - Trophy 1986 against FC Barcelona

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