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Romanian Football:
Romanian League Divizia A
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Romanian Football:
Romanian League Divizia A
Champions by Year


Romanian Football: Romanian League, Champions by Year

Tournament Champion Runner-up
2024 Steaua Bucaresti CFR Cluj
2023 Farul Constanta Steaua Bucaresti
2022 CFR Cluj Steaua Bucaresti
2021 CFR Cluj Steaua Bucaresti
2020 CFR Cluj Universitatea Craiova
2019 CFR Cluj Steaua Bucaresti
2018 CFR Cluj Steaua Bucaresti
2017 Viitorul Constanta Steaua Bucaresti
2016 Astra Giurgiu Steaua Bucaresti
2015 Steaua Bucaresti AS Armata Tirgu Mures
2014 Steaua Bucaresti Astra Giurgiu
2013 Steaua Bucaresti Pandurii Targu Jiu
2012 CFR Cluj Vaslui
2011 Oțelul Galați FC Timişoara
2010 CFR Cluj Unirea Urziceni
2009 Unirea Urziceni FC Timişoara
2008 CFR Cluj Steaua Bucaresti
2007 Dinamo Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
2006 Steaua Bucaresti Rapid Bucuresti
2005 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
2004 Dinamo Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
2003 Rapid Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
2002 Dinamo Bucuresti National Bucuresti
2001 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
2000 Dinamo Bucuresti Rapid Bucuresti
1999 Rapid Bucuresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1998 Steaua Bucaresti Rapid Bucuresti
1997 Steaua Bucaresti National Bucuresti
1996 Steaua Bucaresti National Bucuresti
1995 Steaua Bucaresti Universitatea Craiova
1994 Steaua Bucaresti Universitatea Craiova
1993 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1992 Dinamo Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
1991 Universitatea Craiova Steaua Bucaresti
1990 Dinamo Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
1989 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1988 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1987 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1986 Steaua Bucaresti Sportul Bucuresti
1985 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1984 Dinamo Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
1983 Dinamo Bucuresti Universitatea Craiova
1982 Dinamo Bucuresti Universitatea Craiova
1981 Universitatea Craiova Dinamo Bucuresti
1980 Universitatea Craiova Steaua Bucaresti
1979 FC Arges Pitesti Dinamo Bucuresti
1978 Steaua Bucaresti FC Arges Pitesti
1977 Dinamo Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
1976 Steaua Bucaresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1975 Dinamo Bucuresti AS Armata Tirgu Mures
1974 Universitatea Craiova Dinamo Bucuresti
1973 Dinamo Bucuresti Universitatea Craiova
1972 FC Arges Pitesti UT Arad
1971 Dinamo Bucuresti Rapid Bucuresti
1970 UT Arad Rapid Bucuresti
1969 UT Arad Dinamo Bucuresti
1968 Steaua Bucaresti FC Arges Pitesti
1967 Rapid Bucuresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1966 Petrolul Ploiesti Rapid Bucuresti
1965 Dinamo Bucuresti Rapid Bucuresti
1964 Dinamo Bucuresti Rapid Bucuresti
1963 Dinamo Bucuresti Steaua Bucaresti
1962 Dinamo Bucuresti Petrolul Ploiesti
1961 CCA Bucuresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1960 CCA Bucuresti Steagul Rosu Brasov
1959 Petrolul Ploiesti Dinamo Bucuresti
1958 Petrolul Ploiesti CCA Bucuresti
1956 CCA Bucuresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1955 Dinamo Bucuresti Flacara Ploiesti
1954 Flamura Rosie Arad CCA Bucuresti
1953 CCA Bucuresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1952 CCA Bucuresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1951 CCA Bucuresti Dinamo Bucuresti
1950 Flamura Rosie Arad Locomotiva Bucuresti
1949 IC Oradea CFR Bucuresti
1948 IT Arad CFR Timisoara
1947 IT Arad Carmen Bucuresti
1946 League Suspended due to World War II
1945 League Suspended due to World War II
1944 League Suspended due to World War II
1943 League Suspended due to World War II
1942 League Suspended due to World War II
1939 Venus Bucuresti Ripensia Timisoara
1936 Ripensia Timisoara AMEF Arad
1935 Ripensia Timisoara CA Oradea
1934 Venus Bucuresti Ripensia Timisoara
1933 Ripensia Timisoara Universitatea Cluj
1932 Venus Bucuresti UD Resita
1931 UD Resita HTV Sibiu
1930 Juventus Bucuresti Gloria Arad
1929 Venus Bucuresti Romania Cluj
1928 Coltea Brasov Jiul Lupeni
1927 Chinezul Timisoara Coltea Brasov
1926 Chinezul Timisoara Juventus Bucuresti
1925 Chinezul Timisoara UCAS Petrosani
1924 Chinezul Timisoara CA Oradea
1923 Chinezul Timisoara Victoria Cluj
1922 Chinezul Timisoara Victoria Cluj
1921 Venus Bucuresti Unirea Tricolor Bucuresti
1920 Venus Bucuresti Unirea Tricolor Bucuresti
1919 League Suspended due to World War I
1918 League Suspended due to World War I
1917 League Suspended due to World War I
1916 Prahova Ploiesti Bukarester FC
1915 Romano-Americana Bucuresti Prahova Ploiesti
1914 Colentina A.C. Bucuresti Bukarester FC
1913 Colentina A.C. Bucuresti Bukarester FC
1912 United A.C. Ploiesti Colentina A.C. Bucuresti
1911 Olympia Bucuresti United A.C. Ploiesti
1910 Olympia Bucuresti Colentina A.C. Bucuresti

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