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Football: OFC Champions League
Titles by Team
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Football: OFC Champions League

Last Champion
OFC Champions League Auckland City FC Logo
New Zealand Flag
2023: Auckland City FC
OFC Champions League Logo OFC Champions League, Titles by Team
Information about the international football tournament OFC Champions League including titles by team, logos, links, results and other data.

OFC Champions League, Titles by Team

Champion   Titles Years
Auckland City FC Logo
Auckland City FC
(New Zealand)
11 - TrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophyTrophy
2006 against AS Pirae
2013 against Waitakere United
2022 against Vénus
2023 against Suva FC
Waitakere United Logo
Waitakere United
(New Zealand)
2 - TrophyTrophy 2007 against Ba F.C.
Adelaide City Logo
Adelaide City
1 - Trophy 1987 against Mount Wellington

Hekari United
(Papua New Guinea)
1 - Trophy 2010 against Waitakere United

Hienghene Sport
(New Caledonia)
1 - Trophy 2019 against AS Magenta
South Melbourne Logo
South Melbourne
1 - Trophy 1999 against Nadi
Sydney FC Logo
Sydney FC
1 - Trophy 2005 against AS Magenta

Team Wellington
(New Zealand)
1 - Trophy 2018 against Lautoka
Wollongong Wolves Logo
Wollongong Wolves
1 - Trophy 2001 against Tafea FC

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