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FIFA Football World Cup Switzerland 1954 Summary
Tournament information, champions, scores, and more

FIFA Football World Cup Switzerland 1954

Host Country:
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Switzerland 1954
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World Cup Switzerland 1954:
Summary and General Information

First Round:
Group A - Group B - Group C - Group D

Final Round:
Fixture and All the Scores

Final Standings - Top Scorers Table
Red Cards - Penalties - Goals Summary

World Cup Summary
General Information Comments
National Teams: 16
Goal average:
Top scorer:
Kocsis (Hungary) - 11 goals
Largest win:

Hungary 9 - 0 South Korea
Match with more goals:

Austria 7 - 5 Switzerland
Hungary 8 - 3 Germany
Red Cards: 3

Switzerland 1954 was a goal festival, with an average of 5,38 per game..

Hungary arrived to the final match as the top candidate guided by the 11 goals of Kocsis and with two victory 4-2 in the quarterfinals and semifinals against Brazil and the defending champion Uruguay.

Only 8 minutes into the game, Hungary was defeating Germany 2-0 and everything was ready for a high score but Germany recovered, tied the game in the minute 18 and with just 6 minutes to go in the second half, Helmuth Rahn made the miracle: 3-2 and Germany was the World Champion.

Switzerland 1954 Groups
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Brazil Flag Brazil
France Flag France
Mexico Flag Mexico
Yugoslavia Flag Yugoslavia
Hungary Flag Hungary
South Korea Flag South Korea
Turkey Flag Turkey
Germany Flag West Germany
Austria Flag Austria
Czechoslovakia Flag Czechoslovakia
Scotland Flag Scotland
Uruguay Flag Uruguay
Belgium Flag Belgium
England Flag England
Italy Flag Italy
Switzerland Flag Switzerland
National Teams Qualified, by Continent

Europe: Austria - Belgium - Czechoslovakia - England - France - Germany - Hungary - Italy - Scotland - Switzerland - Yugoslavia
South America: Brazil - Uruguay
Central and North America: Mexico
Asia: South Korea - Turkey
Oceania: -

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