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American Cup
Summary of Winners
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American Cup
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American Cup Logo American Cup
The tournament was previously known as Campeonato Sudamericano de Selecciones (South American Championship of National Teams) being South American Championship of Nations its official English language name. The competition received the name used nowadays on 1975. Between 1975 and 1983 it had no host nation, and was held in a home-away fashion. In 1984, the CONMEBOL adopted the policy of rotating the right to host the Copa América amongst the ten member confederations. The first rotation will be completed in 2007, when the competiton will take place in Venezuela.
Year by Year Champions - Summary of Winners

American Cup
Country Titles Year
Uruguay  Logo

1916 Against Argentina
1917 Against Argentina
1920 Against Argentina
1923 Against Argentina
1924 Against Argentina
1926 Against Argentina
1935 Against Argentina
1942 Against Argentina
1956 Against Chile
1959 Against Argentina
1967 Against Argentina
1983 Against Brazil
1987 Against Chile
1995 Against Brazil
2011 Against Paraguay
Argentina Logo

1921 Against Brazil
1925 Against Brazil
1927 Against Uruguay
1929 Against Paraguay
1937 Against Brazil
1941 Against Uruguay
1945 Against Brazil
1946 Against Brazil
1947 Against Paraguay
1955 Against Chile
1957 Against Brazil
1959 Against Brazil
1991 Against Brazil
1993 Against Mexico
Brazil  Logo

1919 Against Uruguay
1922 Against Paraguay
1949 Against Paraguay
1989 Against Uruguay
1997 Against Bolivia
1999 Against Uruguay
2004 Against Argentina
2007 Against Argentina
Paraguay  Logo

1953 Against Brazil
1979 Against Chile
Peru  Logo

1939 Against Uruguay
1975 Against Colombia
Bolivia  Logo

1963 Against Paraguay
Colombia  Logo

2001 Against Mexico
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