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European Cup
Summary of Winners
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European Cup
Last Champion:
European Cup Spain Logo
Spain Flag
2012: Spain
UEFA European Football Championship Logo UEFA European Football Championship
Until 1976, only four teams qualified for the final tournament. From 1980 eight teams competed and in 1996 the tournament expanded again to the current number of teams, 16. The competing teams are chosen by a series of qualifying games: in 1960 and 1964 through home and away play-offs; from 1968 through a combination of both qualifying groups and play-off games. Until 1976, the host country was selected from the four finalists after they were determined through qualifying. Since the expansion of the final tournament starting from 1980, the host country, or countries, have been chosen beforehand and qualify automatically. The defending champions have never been granted an automatic place in the finals.
Year by Year Champions - Summary of Winners

European Cup
Country Titles Year
Germany  Logo
European CupEuropean CupEuropean Cup
 1972 Against Soviet Union
 1980 Against Belgium
 1996 Against Czech Republic
Spain  Logo
European CupEuropean CupEuropean Cup
 1964 Against Soviet Union
 2008 Against Germany
 2012 Against Italy
France  Logo
European CupEuropean Cup
 1984 Against Spain
 2000 Against Italy
Russia  Logo
European Cup
 1960 Against Yugoslavia
Italy  Logo
European Cup
 1968 Against Yugoslavia
Czechoslovakia  Logo
European Cup
 1976 Against Germany
Holland  Logo
European Cup
 1988 Against Soviet Union
Denmark  Logo
European Cup
 1992 Against Germany
Greece  Logo
European Cup
 2004 Against Portugal
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