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Olympic Games: Football Medals
Summary of Winners
Tournament information, champions, scores, and more

Olympic Games: Football Medals
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Golden Medal Mexico Logo
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2012: Mexico
Olympic Games Logo Olympic Games: Football Medals
The idea of youth teams caught favour at both FIFA and the IOC, and since 1992 all players in the Olympics must be under 23 years of age, with three over-23 players allowed per squad. The tournament is now effectively an "Under-23 World Cup", complementing FIFA's own tournaments at Under-20 and Under-17 levels. The new format allows teams from around the world to compete equally.
Year by Year Champions - Summary of Winners

Olympic Football Medals
Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Hungary 5
England     3
Argentina   4
Soviet Union   5
Uruguay     2
Yugoslavia 5
Poland   3
Spain   3
Germany 4
Czechoslovakia   2
France   2
Nigeria   2
Italy   3
Sweden   3
Belgium   2
Cameroon     1
Canada     1
Mexico     1
Brazil   5
Denmark   4
Bulgaria   2
USA   2
Austria     1
Paraguay     1
Switzerland     1
Holland     3
Chile     1
Ghana     1
Japon     1
Norway     1
South Korea     1
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