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Belgium National Football Team

Belgium National Football Team
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Belgium National Flag

Belgium National Football Team

Original shirt colors: red, black and yellow

Alternate shirt colors: white, black yellow and red

Nickname: "rode duivels","diables rouges" (red devils)

Confederation: UEFA (Union des Associations Européennes de Football; Union of European Football Associations)

National Confederation:

URBSFA Logo URBSFA (Union Royale Belge des Sociétés de Football-Associations; Belgian Football Association)

Tournaments: UEFA European Championship

Titles: Olympic Gold Medal 1920
Olympic Bronze Medal 1900

Greatest players: Jan Ceulemans, Eric Gerets, Franky Van Der Elst, Vincenzo Scifo, Paul Van Himst, Georges Grün, Lorenzo Staelens, Marc Wilmots, Victor Mees, Georges Heylens, Bart Goor, Joseph Jurion, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Franky Vercauteren, Marc Degryse, Bernard Voorhoof, Michel Preud'homme, Eric Deflandre, Wilfried Van Moer, Louis Carré, Joseph Mermans, Luc Nilis, Michel Renquin, Raymond Braine, Danny Boffin, Armand Swartenbroeks, Mbo Mpenza, René Vandereycken, Gert Verheyen, Emile Mpenza, Wilfried Puis, Léopold Anoul, Pierre Hanon, Erwin Vandenbergh, Yves Vanderhaeghe, Henri Coppens, Pierre Braine, Ludo Coeck, Walter Meeuws, Timmy Simons, François Van Der Elst, Geert De Vlieger, Michel De Wolf, Victor Lemberechts, Nico Van Kerckhoven, Philippe Albert, Robert Paverick, Leo Clijsters, Christian Piot, Jean Nicolay, Florimond Van Halme, Stéphane Demol, Alfons Van Brandt, Paul Vandenberg, Marc Emmers, Glen De Boeck, Johan Walem, Nicolas Claesen, Julien Cools, Jean Dockx, Luc Millecamps, Léon Semmeling, Philippe Clement, Wesley Sonck, Jean Thissen, Eric Van Meir, Filip De Wilde, Patrick Vervoort, Luis Oliveira, Thomas Buffel

World Cup Information:

World Cups organized: None

World Cup appearances: (11)
1930, Lost in First Round
1934, Lost in1/8 Finals
1938, Lost in1/8 Finals
1954, Lost in First Round
1970, Lost in First Round
1982, Lost in Second Round
1986, Fourth Place
1990, Lost in 1/8 Finals
1994, Lost in 1/8 Finals
1998, Lost in First Round
2002, Lost in 1/8 Finals

World Cup absences: (7)
1950, Withdrew
1958, Didn't Qualify
1962, Didn't Qualify
1966, Didn't Qualify
1974, Didn't Qualify
1978, Didn't Qualify
2006, Didn't Qualify

Historical World Cup statistics:
Ranking Champion World Cups PTS P W D L GS GA Dif
17 - 11 39 36 10 9 17 46 63 -17

* This Belgium National Team football profile was updated in April 2008.

Belgium National Team Pictures and Posters:

Belgium Picture Gallery
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