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Where is Algeria?
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Algeria National Flag

Algeria National Football Team

Original shirt colors: white, green and red

Alternate shirt colors: green, white and red

Nickname: "les fennecs" (the desert foxes)

Confederation: CAF (Confereration Africaine of Football; African Football Confederation)

National Confederation:

FAF Logo FAF (Fédération Algérienne de Football; Algeria Football Association)

Tournaments: African Cup of Nations

Titles: African Cup of Nations 1990
Afro-Asian Cup of Nations 1 (1991)

Greatest players: Hocine Achiou, Rachid Adghigh, Nacer Adjissa, Salah Assad, Lakhdar Belloumi, Ali Benarbia, Ali Bencheikh, Hocine Benmiloudi, Tadj Bensaoula, Abdelaziz Bentifour, Omar Betrouni, Mehdi Cerbah, Mustapha Dahleb, Rachid Dali, Billel Dziri, Cherif El Ouazani, Ali Fergani, Mustapha Kouici, Nouredine Kourichi, Ahcène Lalmas, Rabah Madjer, Rachid Makhloufi, Faouzi Mansouri, Djamel Menad, Chaâbane Merzkane, Moussa Saib, Rafik Saifi, Abdelhafid Tasfaout, Djamel Zidane, Mustapha Zitouni

World Cup Information:

World Cups organized: None

World Cup appearances: (3)
1982, Lost in First Round
1986, Lost in FIrst Round
2010, Lost in First Round

World Cup absences: (16)
1930, Didn't Enter
1934, Didn't Enter
1938, Didn't Enter
1950, Didn't Enter
1954, Didn't Enter
1958, Didn't Enter
1962, Didn't Enter
1966, Withdrew
1970, Didn't Qualify
1974, Didn't Qualify
1978, Didn't Qualify
1990, Didn't Qualify
1994, Didn't Qualify
1998, Didn't Qualify
2002, Didn't Qualify
2006, Didn't Qualify

Historical World Cup statistics:
Ranking Champion World Cups PTS P W D L GS GA Dif
47 - 3 8 9 2 2 5 6 12 -6

* This Algeria National Team football profile was updated in April 2008.

Algeria National Team Pictures and Posters:

Algeria Picture Gallery
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