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FIFA World Cup 2010:
All the squads player by player
Tournament information, champions, scores, and more

FIFA Football World Cup South Africa 2010

Host Country:
South Africa 2010 World Cup Logo
South Africa 2010
Soccer World Cup South Africa 2010 Spain Logo
Spain Flag

World Cup South Africa 2010:
Summary and General Information - Squads
National Team Shirts

Results: Schedule and Results

First Round:
Group A - Group B - Group C - Group D
Group E - Group F - Group G - Group H

Final Round: Fixture and All the Scores

Final Standings - Top Scorers Table
Red Cards - Penalties - Goals Summary

2010 World Cup Squads
Group A Group B Group C Group D
France Flag France
Mexico Flag Mexico
South Africa Flag South Africa
Uruguay Flag Uruguay
Argentina Flag Argentina
Greece Flag Greece
Nigeria Flag Nigeria
South Korea Flag South Korea
Algeria Flag Algeria
England Flag England
Slovenia Flag Slovenia
United States Flag United States
Australia Flag Australia
Germany Flag Germany
Ghana Flag Ghana
Serbia and Montenegro Flag Serbia
Group E Group F Group G Group H
Cameroon Flag Cameroon
Denmark Flag Denmark
Holland Flag Holland
Japan Flag Japan
Italy Flag Italy
New Zealand Flag New Zealand
Paraguay Flag Paraguay
Slovakia Flag Slovakia
Brazil Flag Brazil
Cote d'Ivoire Flag Ivory Coast
North Korea Flag North Korea
Portugal Flag Portugal
Chile Flag Chile
Honduras Flag Honduras
Spain Flag Spain
Switzerland Flag Switzerland
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